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GERM-Related Sessions at Fall AGU 2004

Please note that there will be three events at the Fall AGU 2004 in San Francisco that relate to GERM activities.

1. GERM will sponsor the beer at the VGP reception

Please come, celebrate the VGP awardees and talk to us about our planning
of the next GERM Meeting at Lamont in 2005!

2. Union Session: The Deep Earth Engine: Geophysics and Geochemistry (U4)

Conveners: Bill McDonough, Louise Kellogg, Uli Christensen, Bernie Wood, and Barbara Romanowicz

This will be a very exciting session that explores the interface between GERM and CSEDI, possibly including results from the recent CIDER workshop. If you are interested in a multidisciplinary approach to the deep Earth, please consider contributing to this session! Find out more about this session by visiting the AGU website:

3. Special Focus Session: Cyberinfrastructure in Geochemistry (SF13)

Conveners: Anthony Koppers, Rick Carlson, Steve Goldstein, John Helly, Kerstin Lehnert, and Hubert Staudigel

Establishing a Cyberinfrastructure in Geochemistry is very challenging, and it requires cooperation within the scientific community, with database operators, and with editors and publishers. Geochemistry still has to formulate its vision regarding the publication and archival of data, how we integrate these with modeling approaches. GERM has a long history of improving the geochemistry science infrastructure, and we would like to ask the GERM community to contribute to this session. Please consider submitting an abstract that describes your vision on a cyberinfrastructure in geochemistry, things you plan to do or have done towards such an infrastructure. Find out more about this session by visiting the AGU website:

See you in San Francisco in December!
Hubert Staudigel
For the GERM Steering Committee

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