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Follow the Online Voyage of the ALIA Expedition around the Samoan Islands
Scientists from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Scripps Institution of Oceanography are teaming up on the Hawaiian research vessel the Kilo Moana to study the Samoan hotspot. They will leave Pago Pago on 4 April 2005 with an ambitious plan to study previously uncharted underwater volcanoes along the Samoan seamount chain that are scattered over almost 600 nautical miles, from its most recent and quite active Vailulu’u submarine volcano in the east, to Combe Island in the west. The data and rocks collected during the ALIA Expedition will be used to explore the validity of the hotspot model, which predicts that ocean island and seamount chains are formed on moving lithospheric plates by stationary hotspots in the Earth’s mantle. You can follow this cruise on our special ALIA Expedition website that is part of the ERESE initiative, where we daily will post photo galleries, interviews, reports, video clips and preliminary data.

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