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ERESE/NSDL/NSTA Web Seminar, Plate Tectonics Made To Order, 30 November 2006
Are you teaching plate tectonics and earthquakes, but don't know where to find a good resource? Save prep time by using the National Science Digital Library’s (NSDL) collections of "just in time" resources that are carefully selected by content specialists. Examples of NSDL collections such as ERESE and the NSDL Middle School Portal are tailored to make the use of digital materials easier for the educator.

NSDL and NSTA are organizing a web seminar that will spotlight selected resources of animations, real-time data, imagery (and more) to get your classroom rolling. This seminar will feature experts Christina Symons and Anthony Koppers from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Robert Payo from NSDL. The seminar is designed for educators of grades 5th-12th. Register today by following this link.

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