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Metamorphic Geochemistry Special Session S42 at Goldschmidt 2007
This summerís Goldschmidt Conference in Cologne, Germany will bring together scientists involved in all aspects of subduction-zone research. An overview of the six symposia within the subduction processes theme is available at the conference website: We would like to draw your attention especially to Session S42 "Isotopic connections between metamorphism and magmatism in subduction zones." This session aims to help bridge the gap in geochemical research between the arc and metamorphic perspectives of subduction-zone recycling and mass transfer. Please consider submitting an abstract regarding your recent research to this session or any of the subduction sessions. Deadline for submission is 19 April. Please email any of the special session conveners if you have any questions.

Session S42: Isotopic connections between metamorphism and magmatism in subduction zones.

Session Conveners: Horst Marschall, University of Bristol ( and Robbie King, Washington State University (

Keynote Speaker: Jeff Ryan, University of South Florida.

Session Description: Conventional models for slab-mantle material transfer are based on geochemical signatures in volcanic rocks erupted on the overriding plate. Models of this type may successfully explain observed chemical and isotopic signatures, but are unrealistic in that they fail to address metamorphic and metasomatic processes occurring within the subducted slab and mantle wedge. This session invites papers that seek to improve connections between metamorphic and magmatic processes associated with subduction from the perspective of the geochemical evolution of slab metamorphism, metasomatism along the slab/mantle interface and within the mantle wedge, which may then be compared to arc volcanic signatures. We especially encourage submissions that address fractionation and recycling during subduction from stable isotopic records (e.g. Li, B) and radiogenic isotope tracers of exhumed subduction-related rocks (e.g. Sr, Nd, Hf, Pb).

See you in Cologne!

Horst Marschall and Robbie King

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