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Goldschmidt 2008 Session 20g - Testing Models and Identifying Processes: New Insights and Discoveries from use of Geochemical Data Compilations

We invite you to submit an abstract to a special session on new insights and discoveries attained through the use of geochemical data compilations for testing models and identifying processes at this year’s Goldschmidt Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, 13-18 July 2008.

Session Description: In recent years, data -- from real-time data collected in the field, to laboratory analyses, and experiments -- have been produced at higher rates than ever before. The compilation and integration of data generated from different studies into large databases allows for new interpretations that often were not possible based on individual studies. Mining this data avalanche as an individual is time consuming and arduous, but an increasing number of large digital data collections are now available to the Geoscience community that enable analysis of vast geochemical data sets at exceptional levels of accuracy and sophistication. This session invites papers of studies that detail scientific advances resulting from the use of large digital data sets and databases.

Conveners: James Kubicki (Penn State University,, Kerstin Lehnert (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, and Vincent Salters (Florida State University,

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