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SedDb: New Version of the Marine Sediment Geochemistry Database Released

SedDBv1.1 features a completely new layout and new functionality of the web interface that is based on input from the user community. Access SedDBv1.1 (beta) from the SedDB home page at or directly at

Features of the Expanded and Improved Search Interface:

  • Without Geospatial criteria (search the global dataset)
  • Analytical parameter (chemical item of interest)
  • Material type (bulk sediment, pore water etc.)
  • A combination of highly specific parameters (e.g. piston core samples of Neogene age bulk sediment analyzed for wt% CaCO3 using coulometry)
  • Free text search by geographical names
  • Interactive map search to select area of interest
  • New Features:

  • Get age model data and tie points for cores if available
  • Help buttons open pop-up boxes with detailed explanations
  • View samples on a map (throughout the entire search pathway)
  • Search and download all data from a chosen core
  • ODP/DSDP cores now show the full set of parent-child relationships allowing users to view and select cores from a specific Leg
  • A conversion tool to recalculate data output from elemental wt% to oxide wt%
  • NOTE: SedDB version 1.1 is currently available as a beta release. It will replace the current SedDBv0.1 on June 1, 2008. New data is continuously added to SedDBv1.1

    SedDB encourages and welcomes user feedback regarding every aspect of the system. Your input is especially important during the test phase of the new system releases. Please send comments and suggestions to

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