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Registration is Open for SEAMOUNTS'09 Workshop, 19-21 March 2009, La Jolla
Registration is open for SEAMOUNTS '09, an international workshop for Interdisciplinary Seamount Sciences at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, organized by the Seamount Biogeoscience Network (SBN). This research coordination network is funded by the US National Science Foundation and it aims at supporting the full breadth of seamount sciences by promoting networking across all related science disciplines and organizations.

SEAMOUNTS '09 focuses on a wide range of biological, chemical and physical seamount science themes from their deep-earth origin to their oceanography, ecology and fisheries. This workshop will provide a representative overview over state-of-the art seamount science through keynotes and poster presentations. The workshop also will focus on seamount science infrastructure issues, how to guide seamount exploration, coordinate and conduct seamount research, as well as sharing data and scientific results. About 2/3rd of the workshop time will be devoted to discussion of keynotes, poster sessions and breakout sessions.

Explore the Announcement Page and Register Now! Note that some limited support for travel will be available. Please talk to the conveners if you have any questions and feel free to share this announcement with others who might be interested in this meeting!

Conveners: Hubert Staudigel (SIO), Anthony Koppers (OSU), Bill Lavelle (NOAA), Tony Pitcher (UBC), Tim Shank (WHOI)

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