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MARGINS Prize for Outstanding Student Oral and Poster AGU Presentations
The MARGINS Office and Steering Committee are offering $500 prizes for two Outstanding Student Presentations on MARGINS-related science at the AGU Fall Meeting, December 15-19, 2008 in San Francisco. The two prizes, one for a poster presentation and one for an oral presentation, will be awarded to highlight the important role of student research in accomplishing MARGINS science goals, and to encourage cross-disciplinary input to the MARGINS program. Any student as first author presenting a poster or talk with research related to MARGINS science initiatives is eligible to participate. Students from the international community as well as those from the U.S. are encouraged to apply. Posters from student entrants will be on display during the MARGINS Student and Community Reception (6pm, Thursday, 18th December) for judging. The winner and any honorable mentions will be notified after the AGU Fall Meeting, and will be highlighted in the MARGINS newsletter and website, including notification to the hosting schools of their achievement.

Visit the MARGINS website for further information and to apply:

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