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Call for Geoinformatics-related GSA and AGU Abstracts
Please consider submitting an abstract to the upcoming GSA Annual Meeting (9-12 October 2011) and AGU Fall Meeting (5-9 December 2011) to the following three sessions, which may be of interest to the GeoRef community:

GSA T196: Geoinformatics in Action (Posters)

Convenors: Stephen M. Richard, Tim Ahern, Richard P. Hooper, Kerstin A. Lehnert
Description: The purpose of this session is to bring together geologists and geoinformatics practitioners to learn about operational systems that utilize geoinformatics, as well as prototype systems exploring the next generation of geoinformatics applications.

AGU IN24: Physical Specimens in the Digital Age: Collections and Catalogues on the Web

Convenors: Sky Bristol, Jens Klump, Kerstin Lehnert, Lesley Wyborn
Description: In the digital age, physical specimens are gaining relevance due, for example, to the globalization of research projects and the increasing use of specimens for calibrating remotely sensed and/or proxy data sets with real world observations. Collections and catalogs on the web facilitate the discovery of and access to samples and sample information, promoting sharing and re-use. An internationally unified approach is urgently needed for registration and discovery of physical specimens with a standardized approach to describing, identifying, and linking not only specimens and subsamples derived from each specimen, but also the diversity of data generated on each specimen/sample.

AGU IN33: The Really Long Tail of Geochemistry, Geochronology and other Sample-based Data

Convenors: Kerstin Lehnert, Lesley Wyborn, Roger Nielsen
Description: New petascale computation infrastructures enable enhanced capabilities in modeling and simulation of large volume Earth Science datasets. Many of these are generated remotely and need to be calibrated by precise measurements of point located samples. However, these data are small in volume and mostly stored on C-drives. Even where there is standardization of file structures, inconsistencies in attributes can make aggregating data files into globally consistent datasets almost impossible. Structured databases provide a solution but require specialized skills to develop and maintain and are resource intensive. This session seeks contributions from those who are aggregating sample-based data sets on a large scale.  

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