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Special Session at Fall 2011 AGU Meeting: “Origin, Structure and History of Oceanic Plateaus”
A special session will be held during the 2011 Fall AGU Meeting on the Origin, Structure and History of Oceanic Plateaus. We invite contributions that focus on oceanic plateau research, including such subjects geology, geophysics, geochemistry, volcanology and paleoenvironment.

V27: Origin, Structure and History of Oceanic Plateaus

Sponsored by: Volcanology, Geochemistry and Petrology (V); Seismology (S) and Tectonophysics (T)

Description: Oceanic plateaus represent an enormous flux of magma from the mantle affecting ocean tectonics and the environment. Although plateaus are some of the largest volcanic features of the oceans, their origin, structure, history, and emplacement duration are poorly known. Recent programs have explored oceanic plateaus, including scientific ocean drilling, dredging, and seismic profiling as well as studies of plateau rocks on land. Moreover, analyses of existing data and modeling advances have provided important insights. The goal of this session is to bring together these new results to provide an overview of evolving research on oceanic plateaus, their structure and history, and their impacts on tectonics and the environment.

Session Link:

William Sager (
Texas A&M University 

Takashi Sano (
National Museum of Nature and Science

Clive Neal (
University of Notre Dame 

Elisabetta Erba (
University of Milan

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