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EGU 2012: International Geo Sample Number (IGSN) Splinter Meeting
Dear EarthRef community,

If you are going to the EGU General Assembly in Vienna next week, please join the splinter meeting for “The International Geo Sample Number IGSN” (SPM1.20). The IGSN is an internationally unified approach for registration and discovery of physical specimens in the Earth Sciences.

Learn about the IGSN, its use in sample and data management, new developments to link samples, data, and publications, and how you can become part of the IGSN community.

When: Monday, April 23, 2012, 19:00-20:00h
Where: Room SM2, Austria Center Vienna
Beer and wine will be served.

The IGSN offers a standard method for describing, locating, identifying, and citing physical samples with confidence. Use of the IGSN allows tracking a sample through labs and repositories, linking a sample and its subsamples with the data generated through time by different measurement and analytical techniques, and finding data for a sample across the literature. A growing community of science programs, large sampling campaigns such as the International Continental Drilling Program, sample repositories, and geoscience data systems endorses the IGSN, and founded the international implementation organization IGSN e.V. in 2011.

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