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AGU Session DI006: Comparing Predictions and Observations of Mantle Plumes
We welcome your contributions to the following AGU Fall 2013 session:

Linking the Earth's Surface with the Deep Interior: Comparing Predictions and Observations of Mantle Plumes

Description: Mantle Plumes and alternative forms of mantle upwellings provide a direct window into the composition and dynamics of the Earth’s deep interior. Their composition and dynamics are explored with a variety of geophysical and geochemical methods. In this session we invite contributions from seismology, geochemistry, petrology, tectonics and geodynamics on topics such as: progress in seismic imaging of mantle upwellings, understanding plume motions in the convective mantle, exploring possible links between lower mantle structures and active hotspots, constraining the origin of geochemical zonation of hotspot lavas, and evaluating the role of shallow melting processes on lava compositions.

Keynotes: We have secured four world-class speakers: Kate Rychert (Univ Southampton), Anna Massmeyer (Univ Paris-Sud), Rene Gassmöller (GFZ Potsdam), and Matt Jackson (Boston Univ).

For further information or questions on the session, please contact one of the conveners listed below. Please note that the abstract submission deadline will be on Wednesday, August 7th at 18:00 Eastern Daylight Time (New York).

Hope to see you soon,


  1. Maxim Ballmer
    University of Hawaii
  2. Cinzia Farnetani
    Institut de Physique du Globe
  3. Anthony Koppers
    Oregon State University
  4. Esteban Gazel
    Virginia Tech

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