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IEDA Data Publication Workshop

IEDA ( will hold a Data Publication Workshop at the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting on Wednesday, Dec 11.

What: Data publication: Confused by the evolving perceptions of when you should publish data, and the growing body of repositories and journals that will publish stand-alone datasets? We will give a presentation on scientific data publication, broadly applicable to the Earth Science community but with examples related to marine geoscience and geochemistry. The workshop will include demos of tools for data publication from the IEDA data facility. Bring questions, or send them to us at

When: Wednesday, 11 December, 12:15-1:15 pm. To reserve a lunch please register by Nov. 27.

Where: Westin San Francisco Market Street

  • Introduction
  • The benefits of publishing your data
  • Linking your data, samples, and journal articles
  • IEDA tools and workflows for data publication
  • EarthChem Library
  • Marine Geoscience Data System
  • Q&A

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