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Global archeomagnetic field models CALS3k.4 and CALS3k.4b
File Name
Data Type program source code
Computer Program Not specified
File Size 2.72 MB - 1 file
Expert Level State-of-the-art Science
Contributor Monika Korte
Source Korte & Constable 2011
Resource Matrix The History of the Earth's Magnetic Field
This contribution contains updated geomagnetic field models spanning the past 3kyrs based on all available archeomagnetic and sedimentary paleomagnetic data as presented in M. Korte and C. Constable (submitted to Phys. Earth Planet. Int.): Improvements to millennial geomagnetic field reconstructions. Please see this publication for details on the models.

There are four ASCII files with model coefficients:
CALS3k.4, a new "high resolution" model
CALS3k.4b, a new more conservative model
CALS3k.3, a previous model for comparison
CALS3k.3b, a conservative version of the previous model

The included Fortran source code
produces time series of declination, inclination and intensity for any location on the Earth's surface from any of the four models.
produces similar time series with uncertainty estimates based on the MAST bootstrap from models CALS3k.4b or CALS3k.3b.

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