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A Week of Science at Sea: Day 5: The marine food chain - Who's coming to dinner?
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Expert Level Middle School (Grade 6-8)
Contributor Benjamin P Neal
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Resource Matrix Fish and Benthic Life in the Oceans
This lesson introduces students to the idea of trophic consumption levels in the oceans, and shows some examples of Southern California marine food chains.
This is the fifth and last lesson in a series of five lessons with accompanying videos, collectively entitled "A Week at Sea Aboard the Research Vessel Melville." The video for today is called "The Food Web" and can be found on YouTube at this link This video is most appropriate, but not required, if watched before beginning the exercise, as it introduces the scientists involved in collecting the animal samples, (images of which are presented in the exercise described below), and to the meaning of the word trophic. This video is 9:05 minutes in length. Following the video, solicit student questions, and then begin the exercise below.
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