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Lab Field Trip program for K-12 Students
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Expert Level High School (Grade 9-12)
Contributor Katharine W Huntington
Source Katharine Huntington, University of Washington
Resource Matrix Geological Time Scale
University researchers host K-12 students for a hands-on laboratory field trip that is integrated with science class curriculum and includes mentorship and/or broadening diversity in science activities. Students learn about research methods through hands-on activity stations, and researchers practice explaining their science to a broad audience. Visits to the university campus and lab(s) include small group mentorship question-and-answer sessions led by undergraduate science majors.

The "lab field trip" model is easily adapted to different laboratory types, research topics, and middle/high school student demographics. Example logistical information, lab activity descriptions and materials are presented for ninth-grade general science students working with geologists and biologists studying paleoclimate, including planning accommodations for students with disabilities and English language learners. A climate monitoring activity station using NASA satellite data, and a simple lab tour worksheet (for seismology and isotope labs) is also included. Example mentorship question-and-answer session materials are tailored to undergraduate volunteers from diverse backgrounds mentoring economically disadvantaged minority high school students regarding higher education and STEM majors.
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