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CALS10k.2 and HFM.OL1.A1 geomagnetic field models and fortran code for evaluation
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Data Type program source code
Computer Program CALS10kcoefs 2016
File Size 681.00 KB - 1 file
Expert Level State-of-the-art Science
Contributor Cathy Constable
Source Constable et al. 2016
Resource Matrix The History of the Earth's Magnetic Field
CALS10k.2 and HFM.OL1.A1 are two continuous global geomagnetic field model for the past 10 millennia, covering the time span from 8000 BC to 1990AD. The models were constructed using by regularized least squares inversion of archeo- and paleomagnetic data using spherical harmonics in space and cubic B-splines in time.
The two models are provided here, together with Fortran codes for extracting the coefficients and for evaluating the field in time and space.
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