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Gyltigesjon PSV data deconvolved based on lock-in model
File Name gyltigesjo.n.psv.xlsx
Data Type spreadsheet
Computer Program Not specified
File Size 110.00 KB - 1 file
Expert Level Science Overview (Specialist)
Contributor Andreas Nilsson
Source Nilsson et al. 2018
Andreas Nilsson
Resource Matrix The Earth's Magnetic Field
The deconvolved Gyltigesjön PSV data shown in Figure 7 in Nilsson et al. (2018). The excel file includes the specimen data, the spline fit and the deconvolved spline fit. In addition, the file also includes the posterior distribution of the lock-in parameters from Figure 6C.

Nilsson A., Suttie N. and Hill M.J. (2018) Short-Term Magnetic Field Variations From the Post-depositional Remanence of Lake Sediments.
Front. Earth Sci. 6:39. doi: 10.3389/feart.2018.00039
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