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40Ar/39Ar Age Determination 16D16131 (IESS10091 - Coleridge Guyot)
File Name IESS10091.16D16131.pdf
Data Type spreadsheet
Computer Program ArArCALC 2.7.0
File Size 1.09 MB - 4 files [ pdf,xls,age,xml ]
Expert Level State-of-the-art Science
Contributor Susan Schnur
This upload contains the 40Ar/39Ar geochronology age determination of sample MV1203-D24-03 from Coleridge Guyot in Walvis Ridge and was calculated using the ArArCALC freeware. The preferred age of 36.53 ± 0.01 Ma is the age plateau and is interpreted as the eruption age of the sample. Good plateau The age determination was carried out on a sample of trachyte (k-feldspar) in an incremental heating experiment and using the bulk laser heating extraction method. The analyses were run on a ARGUS-VI mass spectrometer and the ages were calculated relative to flux monitor FCT-NM (7B10-15) (sanidine) with an age of 28.201 ± 0.082 Ma. This sample was collected by Anthony Koppers ( Sample Description: Standard. Sample Treatment: Aphanitic, sparsely vesicular basalt. Completely altered GM, moderately afsp-phyric. Trachyte composition unconfirmed - assumed based on mineralogy..
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