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Age of Oceanic Crust when Overlying Volcano Formed as a Function of Distance from Kilauea
File Name m00025.img.523.age.crust.formed.vs.distance.jpg
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Source Clague & Dalrymple 1987
Resource Matrix The Formation of Seamounts
This diagram illustrates that the volcanoes of the Hawaiian Ridge increases in age to the west while the age of underlying oceanic crust does not. The age of the underlying crust is roughly constant at the time of volcanic formation. The age of the Emperor seamounts increase to the north, but the crustal age decreases. This shows that the age of the crust is approximately 75 million years old at the bend and much younger as the seamounts get further from Kilauea. The fracture zones present in this image show transform faults located near the Hawaiian-Emperor ridge. These faults are the result of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that are common near this seismically active region.
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