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Age of Hawaiian-Emperor Volcanoes as a Function of Distance from Kilauea
File Name m00025.img.524.age.hawaii.vs.distance.jpg
Data Type diagram
Computer Program Adobe Illustrator CS2
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Expert Level High School (Grade 9-12)
Contributor ERESE Database Team
Source Clague & Dalrymple 1987
Resource Matrix The Formation of Seamounts
This diagram shows the location of some Hawaiian Islands and Emperor seamounts and their respective age and current magmatic stage. From this information it can be determined that there is a rough linear relationship between the islands and seamounts age and distance from Kilauea. This relationship is even more prominent if the volcano-seamount chain is divided into two parts along the bend at ~15-20 million years ago. Different types of lava erupt during different volcanic life stages, trends in eruption composition can be seen in the age relationships of the different types of lava.
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