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Composition of Core Elements vs the Bulk Earth
File Name m00024.dat.547.core.composition.1.pdf
Data Type spreadsheet
Computer Program Microsoft Excel 2000
File Size 39.00 KB - 2 files [ pdf,xls ]
Expert Level High School (Grade 9-12)
Contributor ERESE Database Team
Source McDonough 1998
Resource Matrix The Earth's Mantle
The attached data table provides detailed element composition of the core compared to the bulk earth and silicate earth. Comparing the composition data for each area, it can be seen where a large percentage of the bulk earth's material lies within the earth. For example, the percentage of iron (Fe) within the core is believed to be 85%, while the silicate earth is about 6%. Based on the thickness of the different layers, it has been determined that the bulk earth is then comprised of about 32% iron. Similar analysis can be made with other elements in determining where they are most abundant within the Earth (i.e. silica (Si) and nickel (Ni)). The presence of lighter elements in the core is due to their affinity for iron (siderophile elements). Similarly, the sulfer (S) in the core may also have attracted elements like potassium (K), which have an affinity for sulfer (chalcophilic elements).
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