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Age of Hawaiian Islands and Outer Seamounts Simplified Data Set
File Name m00025.dat.574.age.hi.seamounts.simplified.pdf
Data Type spreadsheet
Computer Program Microsoft Excel 2000
File Size 37.00 KB - 2 files [ pdf,xls ]
Expert Level Middle School (Grade 6-8)
Contributor ERESE Database Team
Source Clague & Dalrymple 1987
Hawaii Center of Volcanism, SOEST
Resource Matrix The Formation of Seamounts
This data set has been modified from the Age of Hawaiian Islands and Outer Seamounts data set. This is a simplified version of the original data set and provides data for the name, age and distance from Kilauea of the Hawaiian islands and some of the Emperor seamounts. There is a roughly linear relationship between distance from Kilauea and age of volocano/seamount that can be seen if you graph this data set.
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