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Map of Hawaiian Islands and Emperor Seamounts
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Data Type map
Computer Program Adobe Illustrator CS2
File Size 239.00 KB - 2 files [ jpg,pdf ]
Expert Level Middle School (Grade 6-8)
Contributor ERESE Database Team
Source Garcia et al. 1987
Resource Matrix The Formation of Seamounts
This map shows the locations of the Hawaiian Islands and Emperor Seamounts. The islands shown in solid green are the Hawaiian Islands, which are currently above sea level. The islands on the very far left of the map however, are seamounts. Seamounts are volcanoes that below sea level. Seamounts have either yet to reach the surface or have eroded and weathered over many years until they no longer are above the surface of the ocean. For radiometric age information on the Hawaiian Islands and Emperor Seamounts look at Radiometric Age of Volcanoes Along Hawaiian Ridge.
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