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CARD-FISH approaches for characterizing endolithic rock-hosted microbial populations
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Contributor Katrina J Edwards
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Resource Matrix Biomediation of Lavas
In this keynote presentation for the First SBN Workshop Katrina Edwards discusses the process of basalt-weathering as promoted by endolithic microbes that colonize volcanic rocks at seamounts and on the flanks of mid-ocean ridge spreading centers at and below the seafloor. She hypothesizes that the activities of autotrophic Fe- and S-oxidizing prokaryotes play important roles in the initial colonization and weathering of ocean crust. This process results in (1) the development of sharp redox gradients associated with seafloor-exposed surfaces, or subseafloor surfaces exposed to recirculating fluids along fractures, and (2) a flux of fresh organic C to ridge flanks that may be used for respiration by endolithic heterotrophic (including Fe- and S-reducing) prokaryote communities. The objectives of these kind of studies are to define this succession on basalt during the aging/weathering process, and to identify and quantify key constituents of these communities and understand the physical and mineralogical associations between microbes and dissolution features and secondary weathering products.
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