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Program and Abstract for the Fifth GERM Workshop in New York City
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Contributor Anthony A.P. Koppers
The central theme of the GERM Initiative involves characterization of the elemental and isotopic inventories of geochemical reservoirs that comprise the Earth System, and the mass balance of transfer processes between them. These cover all time scales, including controls on the crust-mantle system by long-term geological processes, and higher frequency phenomena such as those arising in the ocean and atmosphere. The study of geochemical inventories and fluxes requires inclusion of a range of geophysical, geological, and biological observations and modeling. GERM encourages integrated approaches and supports high quality databases or other Information Technology (IT) tools. The Fifth GERM Workshop offers a range of keynotes and extended discussion periods on current GERM themes, illuminating topics from several angles, exploring the geological-geophysical-biological and geochemical constraints on our understanding of aspects of the GERM-Earth, including chemical inventory and fluxes and their uncertainties. Find a detailed program and all abstracts in this workshop volume.
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