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ArcheoInt - compilation of geomagnetic field intensity data for past 10 millennia
File Name archeoint.xls
Data Type data compilation
Computer Program Not specified
File Size 2.10 MB - 1 file
Expert Level State-of-the-art Science
Contributor Cathy Constable
Source Genevey et al. 2008
Genevey et al. 2008
Resource Matrix The Earth's Magnetic Field
ArcheoInt is an Excel file containing a compilation of archeomagnetic intensity data covering the past 10 millennia. This compilation upgrades that of Korte et al (2005) for intensity data used in the cals7k.2 field model. It contains 3648 intensity (with VDM and/or VADM) data and any associated directional data, along with information about their reliability, data location and provenance, material and sample descriptions, dating, and experimental methods. Four distinct spreadsheets deal with data, references, controlled vocabularies and the compilation design. 87% of the data come from archeological artefacts, and the remainder are derived from volcanic products.
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