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Internal tide generation by seamounts
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Contributor Peter G Baines
Source Baines 2007
Resource Matrix Waves and Tides
The generation of internal tidal wave fields by barotropic tidal flow past a representative seamount are computed by modelling the seamount as a pillbox, and linearising the equations for internal wave dynamics. This is justifiable for mid-ocean seamounts, which constitute steep topography for internal waves of tidal frequency. For linearly polarized barotropic tidal flow, the resulting flow field consists of conical beams radiating from the region above the seamount, with largest velocities aligned with the barotropic flow. These beams vary with azimuthal angle but resemble the corresponding beams from two-dimensional steep topography, particularly in the barotropic flow direction. They are primarily forced by the barotropic flow over the seamount, which is amplified by the topography and is independent of the stratification if the radius of the seamount is sufficiently large. In a barotropic tidal flow of 1 cm/sec amplitude, energy fluxes from individual seamounts are of order 10^6 Watt. Summing this over all seamounts higher than 1 km gives baroclinic energy generation of order 5.10^9 Watt, a number that is less than estimates of baroclinic energy flux from the continental slopes and the Hawaiian ridge, but is comparable with them.
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