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Archeomagnetic data set of the past eight millenia from the Sofia laboratory - Bulgaria
File Name sofia.archmag.2009.xls
Data Type spreadsheet
Computer Program Microsoft Excel 2004
File Size 178.00 KB - 1 file
Expert Level Science Overview (General)
Contributor Fabio Donadini
Source Mary Kovacheva
Resource Matrix The History of the Earth's Magnetic Field
This data set consists of the latest updates of archaeomagnetic data obtained at the Sofia palaeomagnetic laboratory of the Geophysical Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS). The current data set consists of measurements from 284 Bulgarian archeological sites covering the past 8000 years. There are also 54 sites from other European regions, namely Serbia, Kossovo, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, and Russian Karelia; as well as five sites from Morocco in North Africa.
The update of the archaeomagnetic results consisted of a thorough revision of all geomagnetic field measurements as well as dating that were published in the original papers or in previous compilations.
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