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A new series of global geomagnetic field models for the past 3 millennia
File Name
Data Type program source code
Computer Program Not specified
File Size 2.16 MB - 1 file
Expert Level State-of-the-art Science
Contributor Monika Korte
Source Korte et al. 2009
Resource Matrix The History of the Earth's Magnetic Field
This contribution contains 5 geomagnetic field models spanning the past 3kyrs based on different (sub)sets of archeomagnetic and sedimentary paleomagnetic data as presented in M. Korte, F. Donadini and C. Constable (2009): Geomagnetic Field for 0-3ka, Part II: A new Series of Time-Varying Global Models. Geochem., Geophys. Geosys., (10), Q06008, doi:10.1029/2008GC002297. Please see this publication for details on the models.

There are five ASCII files with model coefficients and two
Fortran source codes to predict time series of declination,
inclination and intensity from them. Three of the models contain
uncertainty estimates for the coefficients.

The models with uncertainty estimates are:
ARCH3k.1MAST - model based only on all archeomagnetic data
SED3k.1MAST - model based only on all sediment data
CALS3k.3MAST - model based on all archeomagnetic and sediment data
with Fortran code fielduncert3k.f to predict time series.

The models without uncertainty estimates are
ARCH3k_cst.1 - model based on archeomagnetic data with quality constraints
CALS3k_cst.1 - model based on all data with quality constraints
with Fortran code fieldpred3k.f to predict time series.

The data files underlying the models can be found in contribution
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