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Lodders 1998
Lodders, K. (1998). A survey of shergottite, nakhlite and chassigny meteorites whole-rock compositions. Meteoritics and Planetary Science 33(4): A183-A190.
Literature data on major and trace elemental abundances and water contents of the shergottite, nakhlite, and chassigny (SNC) meteorites are compiled and evaluated. The individual members of the SNC group are relatively homogeneous, and representative average compositions for each meteorite can be computed from multiple data reported in the literature. Major element abundances are used to calculate normative compositions and densities. The data survey shows that our knowledge of whole rock abundances in SNC meteorites is very limited for many elements and that more basic analytical work is needed.
nd isotopic systematics, snc meteorites, parent body, martian orthopyroxenite, chemical evidence, thermal history, pb systematics, bulk chemistry, mars, origin
Meteoritics and Planetary Science
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