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Adjas et al. 1990
Adjas, A., Masse, J.-P. and Montaggioni, L.F. (1990). Fine-grained carbonates in nearly closed reef environments; Mataiva and Takapoto atolls, Central Pacific Ocean. Sedimentary Geology 67(1-2): 115-132.

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algae, analysis, Anthozoa, aragonite, biogenic structures, bioturbation, Bivalvia, carbonate sediments, carbonates, Cenozoic, Central Pacific, Chordata, Coccolithophoraceae, Coelenterata, deposition, depositional environment, Echinodermata, ecology, fines, Foraminifera, French Polynesia, Holocene, Invertebrata, lagoonal, environment, lagoonal sedimentation, Mataiva Atoll, modern, Mollusca, Oceania, oceanography, Pacific Ocean, petrography, Pisces, Plantae, Polynesia, Porifera, processes, Protista, Quaternary, reefs, sedimentary petrology, sedimentary structures, sedimentation, sediments, SEM data, Takapoto Atoll, Tuamotu Islands, Vertebrata, 07, Oceanography
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