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Thorsen et al. 1997
Thorsen, D., Franke, S.J. and Kudeki, E. (1997). A new approach to MF radar interferometry for estimating mean winds and momentum flux. Radio Science 32: doi: 10.1029/96RS03422. issn: 0048-6604.

New techniques are applied to measured Doppler velocity and angle of arrival to estimate horizontal wind vectors, variances, and momentum fluxes, from MF radar data. The approach used to estimate mean winds was first introduced as time domain interferometry (TDI) by Vandepeer and Reid <1995>. In the present paper, the algorithm is refined and used with data from the Urbana MF radar, which employs a single vertical antenna beam, to obtain a monthly mean wind climatology which is compared with the results from conventional spaced antenna full correlation analysis. The comparison validates the scattering model used in the development of the TDI technique and highlights instrumental and processing biases that differ between the two techniques. An extension of the TDI method that can provide estimates of the Reynolds stress tensor associated with propagating gravity waves is also proposed, and some preliminary results are presented.¿ 1997 American Geophysical Union



Meteorology and Atmospheric Dynamics, Instruments and techniques, Meteorology and Atmospheric Dynamics, Remote sensing, Meteorology and Atmospheric Dynamics, Middle atmosphere dynamics
Radio Science
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