FeMO2 Dive Cruise 2007
Report Day 00 -- Tuesday and Wednesday 9 and 10 October 2007 -- Getting Ready in Honolulu

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Scientists, technicians and students arrive in Honolulu, Hawaii and begin loading supplies, equipment and personal effects onto the Kilo Moana. Security has been increased and so we are asked to present photo identification to the guard who waves an electric wand over us. The engine of our van is inspected and a mirror on wheels is rolled under it to inspect the undercarriage.

R/V Kilo Moana in port, Honolulu, Hawaii

A large crane lifts two shipping containers onto the starboard side. One has been converted to a refrigerated laboratory so that researchers can work with samples at deep-sea temperatures so the microbes don't die of temperature shock. The other has been converted to a radiological laboratory. The converted shipping containers are known as "Vans". They are carefully positioned and bolted down so that they don't slide on the rolling ship. There are 5 vans bolted to the deck of the Kilo Moana. In addition to the cold and radiological labs, two serve as a control room for the Jason robot. The final van is a machine shop for Jason's maintenance.

Science laboratory not yet ready to do business

After carrying our personal effects aboard we help with loading and stowing the ship's groceries. A crane lifts pallets of food aboard and we form a bucket brigade with the crew to pass bread and cereal and fruit and meat and vegetables down into the hulls of the Kilo Moana. Once the food is loaded we begin loading the scientific supplies and equipment. Crates that were shipped weeks in advance are unpacked of things like high-pressure instruments, centrifuges, chemicals, sample bottles, filters, computers, label tape and pens. A truck brings several large tanks of high-pressure gas. Brian Glazer has even brought an espresso machine for the anticipated shifts into the wee hours. Scientists are concerned enough about the ship's coffee supply they have brought aboard an additional 7 pounds of espresso beans! Once the science gear is aboard it must be arranged into working lab and tied down against the roll of the ship.

Science party parties together on the beach

Late in the day the science party organizes a beach party to celebrate our last evening ashore. We go to the cliffs that overlook the channel that separates of Oahu from Molokai and Lanai and arrive just before sunset. The chief scientists have brought with them Hawaiian delicacies of poke and manapua. Poke includes a variety of spiced fish including raw tuna, salmon, octopus and mussels. Manapua is spiced pork wrapped in bread and cooked. After sunset most of us return to the ship. One group stops by a lab at the University of Hawaii to pick up some hydrochloric acid and while another group drops off the rental cars.


Shawn Doan onboard the R/V Kilo Moana
9-10 October, 2007

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