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EarthRef Address Book
Search for scientists in our Address Book and find out what data they have contributed to the databases. Here you can also register and add yourself to the Mailing List. Your registration information can be updated online at any time. By registering, you will be able to make contributions to the EarthRef Digital Archive or other online databases. You may also sign up to receive periodic e-mail notifications from the Database Team.

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EarthRef Digital Archive
The EarthRef Digital Archive (ERDA) contains any type of digital data object associated with the Earth Sciences. Data objects may be part of non-published Earth Sciences projects ranging from data tables to diagrams to reports to geological maps to videos. Users may make contributions to the database, which may then be viewed and downloaded by using any of the search options listed below.

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GERM Reservoir Database
The GERM Reservoir Database contains summary data on the geochemistry of all reservoirs in the Earth. All GERM search results are customizable, allowing the user to sort and convert units. All GERM search results are also available to download in the format of your choice with one click. This relational database only includes peer-reviewed data. For non-reviewed data, please visit the EarthRef Digital Archive .

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Paleomagnetic Database
The Paleo- and Rock Magnetic MagIC Database is an online portal into the archives of the Magnetics Information Consortium (MagIC) that contains both paleomagnetic and rock magnetic data. Through this portal you can find magnetic data ranging from classical paleomagnetic directional studies to highly detailed intensity studies, archeomagnetic projects, magneto-stratigraphy, and much more. This data archive contains all date from the measurement level up to the highly derived paleomagnetic parameters and allows you to visualize these data via online tools.

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Partition Coefficients
Kd's Database contains partition coefficient data for all types of rocks and minerals and for every element. All search results are sortable and may be downloaded in the format of your choice. Both experimental and empirical data are included in this extensive compilation.

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Reference Database
Search for publications in the Reference Database and find your way into all searchable databases. From this database you can also download digitized data files for their abstracts, data tables, appendices and technical notes. Registered users may also add references to the database.

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Seamount Catalog
The Seamount Catalog is a digital archive that is part of the Seamount Biogeosciences Network (SBN) and is for bathymetric seamount maps that can be viewed and downloaded in various formats. This catalog also contains morphological data and sample information. Related grid and multibeam data files, as well as user-contributed files, can be downloaded as well.

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