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Uploading your Digital Files into the Digital Archive (ERDA)

The EarthRef Digital Archive (ERDA) now invites User Upload of Digital Files. Files contributed to the ERDA collection may support any of the databases (such as GERM, MagIC and the Seamount Catalog), they may offer a digital archive to a scientific publication, or they may be of general use to both the Earth sciences and education. ERDA may also fulfill the archival needs of a group of scientists that chooses ERDA for their online file archival. Uploaded files will be immediately available to other users of the website. ERDA is not peer reviewed, but it will purge files that are grossly inconsistent with its mandate.

ERDA is versatile in its metadata content and its ability to archive any digital file. An interactive upload wizard allows an user to efficiently upload files, with a minimum amount of required information (metadata) about a file. However, users who want maximum searchability of their file(s) also have the option to supply more detailed sets of metadata that allow the file(s) to be found and retrieved in a larger number of searches.

The types of files that can be uploaded in ERDA support a range of research and educational goals (data, spreadsheets, maps, software, lesson plans, diagrams, photographs, video excerpts, etc.) but also the distribution of materials that are otherwise difficult to disseminate broadly, such as M.Sc. theses and field reports.

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