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Contributor Anthony A.P. Koppers
The website originally has been developed as the host website for GERM (the Geochemical Earth Reference Model initiative), but it is now a very substantial website for a wide range of Earth science data that spans from geochemistry to paleomagnetism to geochronology and more. A variety of tools and databases are immediately available to its users: The EarthRef Address Book is a much used directory for Earth scientists address information (~2,000 registered users) that is frequently visited by users using web search engines such as Google. The Earthref Reference Database includes a very substantial number (~95,000) of publications, archived with complete reference information, abstracts and, in many cases, Microsoft Excel files of tables and appendices. Finally, the EarthRef Digital Archive is a fully functional database that archives any digital object with a critical number of metadata to make it efficiently searchable by researchers, teachers and students. You can upload your own data files in this archive. On top of these common tools, the Web Portal functions as the umbrella web site for the GERM, MagIC, SBN and ERESE initiatives.
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