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Factsheet on Blue Whales  
Factsheet on Upwellings  
Faulting and Stress Activity Print-Outs  
Faulting and Stress Worksheet - for students  
Faulting and Stress Worksheet - for teachers  
Fe-Microbial Mats at Vailulu'u  
FeMO at the Fall AGU Meeting 2007  
Field Guide: The Pliocene Seamount Series of La Palma  
File List  
Final Assessment Worksheet  
Final Evaluation Handout  
Final Poster Presentation  
Final Report on GERM 3, La Jolla, March 6-9, 2001  
Final Rock Identification handout  
Final Rock Identification teaching notes  
Finding the Edges Under the Sea  
Fish Body Forms PDF  
Fish Growth Lesson 4  
Fish Growth Worksheet   
Fish Growth Worksheet KEY   
Fish Head Dissection Instructions  
Fish Head Dissection Worksheet  
Fish Head Dissection Worksheet KEY   
Fisheries Lesson Plan  
Fisheries PowerPoint Presentation  
Fisheries Side-Bar  
Fleming GK-12 lesson plans  
Fleming GK12 lesson plans  
Flow Chart Worksheet   
Flow Chart Worksheet Answer Key   
Flow Diagram and Cycles Introduction PowerPoint  
Fluid flow through seamounts: Implications for global heat and mass flux  
Food Webs and Primary Production  
Food Webs and Primary Production 5E  
Food Webs and Primary Production cell count worksheet  
Food Webs and Primary Production Notebook  
Food Webs and Primary Production Notebook Key  
FORCinel v1.19  
Formation of Magnetic Anomalies at a Mid-Ocean Ridge  
Formation of Seamounts  
Fossil and Geological Evidence of Pangaea Puzzle  
Fossil Evidence for Pangaea  
Fossil Names and Continents  
Fossils Used As Evidence for the Existence of Pangaea   
Four fundamental forces and their carrier particles  
Fractions and distribution coefficients of siderophile elements in the Earth's core  
Fracture density versus bioalteration of basaltic glass in the upper oceanic crust  
Fracture density versus depth into volcanic basement, for glass rinds in pillow lavas  
Fram Story  
Fresh weight of human organs in reference man and percentages of dry and ash weight  
Freshly Cooled Lava on the Big Island of Hawaii  
Fringing Reef  
FRQ Scoring Guide  
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