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Radial field variations from global geomagnetic field model CALS3k.4b   
Radiometric Age of Volcanoes Along Hawaiian Ridge  
Ralik and Ratak Seamount Trails  
Reading Seals Iguanas   
Reconstructing the global geomagnetic field from archeo- and paleomagnetic data  
Red Drum Otolith Images - read description!  
REE and Hf distribution between pyrope and NaCl-bearing water   
Regional Map of Northern East Pacific Rise and Cruise Paths  
Relationship of Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions to Plate Boundaries  
Relative polarizability for B-type and transition metal cations  
Research paper on an alluvial deltaic sandstone body  
Research paper on the Wenlock limestone  
Restless Earth  
Rift Valley and Ocean Basin Formation  
Ring of Fire Video Worksheet  
Rock and Mineral Descriptions handout  
Rock and Mineral Descriptions teaching notes  
Rock Cycle concept map activity  
Rock Cycle concept map activity filled  
Rock Cycle concept map handout  
Rock Cycle powerpoint  
Rock Identification Guide filled  
Rock Identification Guide handout  
Rock magnetic data from Mafra Formation: Parana Basin   
Rock Magnetism of Caviahue-Copahue Volcanic Complex   
Rock Samples Activity Worksheet  
Rock-magnetic data for basalt and welded tuff samples used in the hc-Tub experiments  
RockMagAnalyzer 1.1: Analyzing rock magnetic measurements  
Rocks and Minerals  
Ronov 1993 database  
Rotating conductive cylinder in uniform magnetic field  
Rounding 5E Lesson Plan  
Rounding DLP PowerPoint  
Rubric for ERESE Workshop Pangea Lesson Plan  
Rubric LAb report  
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