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Table 1ESM   
Table 2ESM  
Table 3ESM  
Tagging Studies PowerPoint   
Tamu Massif Magnetic Anomaly Grid  
Teacher Guide Sampling Mini Activity   
Teacher Instructions for Quadrat Sampling   
Teacher Notes on Carbon Cycle  
Teacher Notes on Early Earth Lab  
Teacher Notes on Early Earth Lab Chemistry Version  
Teacher Notes on Effects of CO2 on Climate  
Teacher Notes on Life on Early Earth Activity  
Teacher Notes on Nitrogen Cycle  
Teacher Notes on Photosynthesis Lab  
Teacher's overview sheet  
Teaching rocks in the context of plate tectonics poster  
Teaching students to descriminate between useful and irrevelant data.  
Tectonic Plate Speed 5E Lesson Plan  
Tectonic Plate Speed Worksheet  
Tectonic Plate Speed Worksheet Answers  
Temperature of the Earth by Latitude  
Template for a Student Report  
Test Answers  
Test Powerpoint  
The 50% condensation temperature of the elements  
The average composition of marine algae, phytoplankton, and zooplankton  
The average compositions of basalts, granites and the Earth's upper crust  
The average compositions of major marine sediments  
The Biota of Vailulu'u Seamount in the Samoan Archipelago  
The Collision of Two Continents  
The composition of the depleted mantle -- calculation spreadsheets  
The composition of the depleted mantle -- data source material  
The compositions of average shale and its related materials  
The compositions of zooplankton euphausiid, its excreted fecal pellets and shale  
The Earth's Four Spheres Activity Student  
The Earth's Four Spheres Activity Teacher  
The Earth's Four Spheres ppt  
The Earth's Four Spheres: Overview  
The Earth's Layers  
The Web Portal  
The electron binding energy to cations and the average electron binding energy  
The electronegativities of cations for halides, oxides, sulfides, and selenides  
The electronegativities of nonmetal ions and metal cations  
The enrichment factors relative to CI for Kakangari chondrite and primitive achondrites  
The environmental magnetic data for the Neogene climatic changes of the Tarim Basin  
The first hydrolysis constants of cations at 25¿C and I=0  
The Five Volcanoes that make up the Island of Hawaii  
The Geomagnetic field in Peking Region and its secular variation during the last 2000 year  
The Global Distribution of Seamounts from Ship Depth Soundings and Satellite Altimetry  
The history of seamounts that reach the sea surface  
The influence of hydrogen on the seismic properties of solid iron  
The Mystery of the Pangea Puzzle / Web Challenge  
The Mystery of the Pangea Puzzle final version  
The Mystery of the Pangea Puzzle student log fossil evidence  
The Rate of the Lithospheric Cycle  
The Seamount Catalog Database Interface  
The Silicate Earth and the Core  
The Supply of Food and Larvae to Benthic Seamount Communities  
ThellierTool 4.22: A software for analyzing absolute paleointensity determinations  
Thermodynamics of Mantle Melting  
Thermoremanent Magnetization  
Tiger Shark Diet  
Tiger Shark Distribution  
Tithonian Paleogeographic Map  
Topographic Map including ocean floor  
Topographic Map including ocean floor 2  
Total field geomagnetic secular variation model over the North Atlantic Ocean  
Trace element partitioning between carbonatitic melts and mantle transition zone minerals:  
Tracking Populations  
TREMOrEC: a software utility for automatic classification of volcanic tremor  
Tropical Pacific CTD Data at 1 meter Intervals  
Tropical Pacific CTD Data at 50 meter Intervals  
Tropical Pacific CTD Data Profiles  
Tsunami Engineering Activity - for students  
Tsunami Engineering Activity - for teachers  
Tuesday 2017 MagIC Workshop Videos  
Tumult in Samoa  
Tuzo Wilson  
Two Dimensional Fold Test  
Two Models of Plate Tectonics  
Types of concentration profiles and major chemical speciations of elements in ocean water  
Types of Volcanic Eruptions  
Types of Volcanic Eruptions Notes  
Typical Argon Isotope Mass Spectrum for K/Ar Age Dating  
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