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Lab Field Trip program for K-12 Students  
Lab for Food Webs and Primary Production unit  
Lab Instructions on Upwelling and Blue Whales Lesson Plan  
Laser Range Finder - 5E lesson plan  
Laser Range Finder - Lecture  
Laser Range Finder - Student lab worksheet  
Laser Range Finder - Teacher lab worksheet  
Laser Range Finder - Teacher notes  
Late Cretaceous Paleogeographic Map  
Late Jurassic Paleogeographic Map  
Late Triassic Paleogeographic Map  
Lava Cascades in Hawaii  
Lava Flows Lecture Notes  
Lava Flows Lesson  
Layer Cake 5E Lesson Plan  
Layer Cake DLP PowerPoint  
Layer of the Ocean Lesson Plan  
Layer of the Ocean Pretest  
Layer of the Ocean Pretest Key  
LD-50 Lab Introduction  
LD-50 Laboratory for Students  
LD-50 Laboratory for Teachers  
Legend for RONOV Paleogeographic Maps  
Length of 1 degree of latitude  
Length of 1 degree of Longitude  
Lesson 1  
Lesson 1 - Ecology Teacher Notes  
Lesson 1 - Lesson Plan  
Lesson 1 - Presentation  
Lesson 1 - Water Column Properties  
Lesson 1 - Water Column Properties HANDOUT  
Lesson 1 - Water Column Properties KEY TO HANDOUT   
Lesson 1 - Worksheet  
Lesson 1 - Worksheet Answers  
Lesson 1 5E  
Lesson 1 5E Chart  
Lesson 1 Activity - Student Roles  
Lesson 1 Additional Resources  
Lesson 1 Continental Drift PowerPoint  
Lesson 1 Lecture - Ecology  
Lesson 1 PowerPoint  
Lesson 1-Earth is alive  
Lesson 1: Teacher's Edition  
Lesson 2  
Lesson 2 - Activity  
Lesson 2 - Day 1 Presentation  
Lesson 2 - Day 1 Worksheet  
Lesson 2 - Day 1 Worksheet Answers  
Lesson 2 - Day 2 Presentation  
Lesson 2 - Day 2 Worksheet  
Lesson 2 - Day 2 Worksheet Answers  
Lesson 2 - How do scientists study mesopelagic animals?   
Lesson 2 - Lesson Plan  
Lesson 2 - Research Article  
Lesson 2 5E  
Lesson 2 5E Chart  
Lesson 2 Candy Bar Tectonics PowerPoint  
Lesson 2 Lecture - Biomes  
Lesson 2 Marine Sediment and Fossil Worksheet   
Lesson 2 PowerPoint  
Lesson 2 Presentation  
Lesson 2: Marine Sediments and Fossils Lab  
Lesson 2: Teacher's Edition  
Lesson 3  
Lesson 3 - Activity Presentation  
Lesson 3 - Activity Station Titles  
Lesson 3 - Activity Worksheet Answers  
Lesson 3 - Activity Worksheets  
Lesson 3 - Lesson Plan  
Lesson 3 - Presentation  
Lesson 3 5E  
Lesson 3 5E Chart  
Lesson 3 Fish Head Dissection Lab  
Lesson 3 PowerPoint  
Lesson 3 Presentation  
Lesson 3 Tectonic Plate Speed PowerPoint  
Lesson 3- Adaptations of Mesopelagic Animals  
Lesson 3- Adaptations of Mesopelagic Animals FISH CARDS  
Lesson 3- Adaptations of Mesopelagic Animals HANDOUT  
Lesson 3: Teacher's Edition  
Lesson 4 - Activity Worksheet  
Lesson 4 - Activity Worksheet Answers  
Lesson 4 - Lesson Plan  
Lesson 4 - Presentation  
Lesson 4 - Presentation Worksheet  
Lesson 4 - Presentation Worksheet Answers  
Lesson 4 5E  
Lesson 4 5E chart  
Lesson 4 Earthquake Mapping PowerPoint  
Lesson 4 PowerPoint  
Lesson 4 Presentation  
Lesson 4- Human Impacts in the Deep Sea  
Lesson 5 - Current Events Article  
Lesson 5 - Lesson Plan  
Lesson 5 - Presentation  
Lesson 5 - Worksheet  
Lesson 5 - Worksheet Answers  
Lesson 5 5E  
Lesson 5 5E Chart  
Lesson 5 PowerPoint  
Lesson 5 Presentation  
Lesson 5 Stick Slip Earthquake Mechanics PowerPoint  
Lesson 5- Ecosystem-based Management Simulation  
Lesson 5- Ecosystem-based Management Simulation HANDOUT KEY  
Lesson 5- Role of mesopelagic fishes in the marine ecosystem  
Lesson 6 Shake Table PowerPoint  
Lesson 6 Supplies List - Ecosystem in a Jar Lab  
Lesson plan 1 - 5 E   
Lesson plan-Mapping the Atlantic Ocean  
Lesson1 Presentation  
Lesson1-Output-Volcano Drink  
Lesson1-T Chart  
Lesson2-Activity strips  
Lesson2-Activity strips instructions  
Lesson2-Melt in the Earth  
Lesson3-AA lava  
Lesson3-Flowing aa  
Lesson3-Flowing pahoehoe  
Lesson3-Pahoehoe lava  
Lesson3-Video Answers  
Lesson3-Video Questions  
Lesson3-Volcanic Eruptions  
Lesson4-Magma Viscosity  
Lesson4-Pasta Sauce Lab  
Lesson5-Explosive Kilauea  
Lesson5-Explosive Kilauea Video  
Lesson5-Kilauea Reticulite Video  
Lesson5-Kilauea video answers  
Lesson5-Kilauea video questions  
Lesson6-Volcano Demonstration  
Lesson6-Volcano Instructions  
Lesson7-Essential Questions  
Lesson7-Essential questions answer key  
Lesson7-GLobal Map  
Lesson7-Volcanoes List  
Lesson7-World Map  
Lesson8-Case Study Outline  
Lesson8-Grading Rubric  
Lesson8-Volcano Case Study  
Lesson8-Volcano List  
Life on Early Earth Activity  
Life on Early Earth Activity Answers  
Life on Early Earth Lecture  
Limnology of Noell Lake NWT  
Lithospheric Magnetic Field Model MF5  
Lithospheric Magnetic Field Model MF6  
Location of Active/Inactive Hydrothermal Vents  
Location of San Diego  
Loci of Shield Volcanoes in the Hawaiian-Emperor Chain  
Loihi Seamount Bathymetry  
Looking Inside Loihi with Electrical Resistance Tomography  
Lower Turonian Paleogeographic Map  
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