MagIC Software v2.4
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Version 2.4 - 17 September 2011

Choose this download option if you want to download the MagIC Console Software package, which is programmed in Microsoft Excel and can be used on both PC's and Macintosh computers.
Version 2.4.009

The Controlled Vocabularies File is being updated on a regular basis. You can download and install this file without resinstalling the MagIC Console Software. Missing terms can be added on request or via the software.
  • The MagIC Console Software provides an effective environment in Microsoft Excel where you can collate and prepare you paleomagentic and rock magnetic data for uploading in the Online MagIC Database.
  • If you are an First-time User start by downloading the entire software package.
  • To become a MagIC contributor you first have to carry out a simple Registration process. If you already registered, log-in from the topmenu.
  • MagIC as integral part of respects the privacy of all its collaborators, contributors, users of its services, and visitors to its website.
  • Several functions and services or require the user to supply identification and address information, specifically e-mail address, postal address of the home institution and/or business telephone numbers. This information is used exclusively for documentation and attribution via metadata, except for contributors of data or other materials displayed on the web pages.
  • The identification of contributors and their addresses is an integral part of scholarly data archiving and this information is continuously updated by the users themselves in the address register.